How we handle disappointment says a lot about us, I suppose. Life is too short to dwell upon our disappointments, but I must let you know that the boat I was to sail the Caribbean this winter was a complete mess.

Not only had the owners tried to move their 3000 square foot home into their 43 foot boat, but they neglected to install many, if not most, major systems needed for sailing. Also, they had not kept her is shape during the years they owned her. They invited four persons to come on as crew; unfortunately three had no sailing experience, and I have very little, none of it on blue water. We also found out that they don’t have much experience either, at least, much less that they let on. Needless to say we felt mislead.

So… after working 12 to 14 hour days for one week trying to get the boat ready, we left the marina in Kemah for Galveston which is directly on the Gulf of Mexico. It was raining, the boat was leaking all over Geoff’s bed and galley counters. The captain, could not see the navigational buoys very well, and decided to turn back after only 30 minutes. That was a very good decision, as he had not installed the navigational lights yet! We would have been sailing an unlit boat in very busy waters after dusk.

The next day, all the crew decided to abandon the ship. We didn’t have confidence in the captain or the boat.

We rented a car and drove to Florida. Patrick and Jessie went to his parents’ place. Geoff and I headed for Fort Lauderdale to hang out, before heading off to Cuba where we plan to help a friend build a house and visit the eastern end of the island.

After that, I hope to go diving in Mexico, and maybe find another boat to sail on… Time will tell.
Wish me luck.


Author: vjpro

I am a retired high school teacher from Canada who loves to travel, garden, bicycle, hike, sail, and cook. Since retiring, my ideal year is divided between travelling in the winter, usually solo, and spending the rest of the year in Canada with family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Disappointments”

  1. Une bonne chose que vous avez réalisé que ce bateau et leurs propriétaires(!) avaient des problèmes… Tu vas pouvoir aider Lily à Regla. Dis lui bonjour pour moi.
    Bonne chance Valérie et à bientôt.

  2. I figure the ability to be flexible and know what is needed mes through experience. Glad you are on your way to Cuba.

  3. Hi Valerie, my previous comment was completed as I got interrupted. Flexibility and knowing when enough is enough comes with experience. Glad you decided to bail on this one. Suspect you will find a boat with a skipper that knows what he or she is doing. Enjoy your winter!

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