Internet Access in Cuba

December 12, 2016
Internet access in Cuba

Since I was here two years ago, the internet situation has changed. In 2014, it would cost between $7 and $10 for an hour of internet access. Now it only costs $2. At first it seemed like a great thing, but we are learning the hard way that getting an internet card is even more difficult than before.

The hotel we went to in Havana wanted to charge us. $5 because we weren’t guests. We declined. Then we stood in line for about 40 or 50 minutes only to be told as we arrived at the door that there were no more cards available. The access is so popular that line-ups are long; and access cards are in short supply.

Today, as we stood in line, we politely refused to buy a card from a guy in the street for $3, but after an hour in the line-up we gave up and decided to go to a hotel where we could buy a card for $2 and sit in a comfortable lobby with a beer while we checked our mail. So after paying $4 for a taxi to get to the hotel, we were informed that they had run out of cards!

Swallowing our pride after supper tonight, we went back to the main square thinking we might find someone selling cards for $3, but the guy must have made enough money today to take the evening off…

All this means that I have not checked my email since I was in Florida on December 8th… four days ago. It seems like an eternity.


Author: vjpro

I am a retired high school teacher from Canada who loves to travel, garden, bicycle, hike, sail, and cook. Since retiring, my ideal year is divided between travelling in the winter, usually solo, and spending the rest of the year in Canada with family and friends.

One thought on “Internet Access in Cuba”

  1. So you are in Havana now? Where are you staying and what is the atmosphere in the city? We have snow on the ground in Ottawa and the cold is settling in. Louise sends her best and so do I. Our Christmas tree is up and we are beginning to wrap presents. Feliz Navidad!

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