New Year’s Eve

Saturday, December 31, 2016, 8:30 am

The last day of the year! What am I doing in Cancun?

It certainly has changed since our first visit in 1984. It is still a tourist city, but only much bigger and busier. The same is true for Isla Mujeres where I visited the beach yesterday. I had been told there are many sailing boats there and nursed a hope that I might find one needing crew. Well, either someone was mistaken or they have all sailed away to more pristine beaches and quieter villages.

The north beach was less crowded, and I enjoyed a dip in the ocean, a cold Mexican beer, and a chat with a couple from L.A. Charles, American, and Sue, Korean are visiting Mexico with her three teenaged, Korean grandchildren.

The sun was shining; the wind was refreshing, and a coconut tree provided enough shade for my delicate, freckled skin.

Chichen Itza, a World Heritage Site, is now a major tourist trap with literally thousands of people selling the same thing to the 1.4 million people who visit it annually.  Fortunately, the ruins are still the same and one can from time to time find  a space where it looks as if you are the only visitor.

I am trying to read An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhoof, but her mini adventures and observations of the Caribbean along with her adaptations of local recipes are not captivating me. I should download one of the novels recommended to me by Melanie et al.

Well, I wish you all a very happy new year: good health and enough money and time to enjoy all the experiences that come your way.

A few pics of men dressed in “traditional costume” for picture taking at a cenote where I did not join the crowds.



Author: vjpro

I am a retired high school teacher from Canada who loves to travel, garden, bicycle, hike, sail, and cook. Since retiring, my ideal year is divided between travelling in the winter, usually solo, and spending the rest of the year in Canada with family and friends.

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