What do I do now?

What do I do now?
January 6, 2017

Sometimes life goes along as planned,, sometimes it doesn’t. It can reserve big surprises and obstacles. Everyone of us has experienced some.

These past few months, my projects and plans have not gone as I anticipated.

Last spring/early summer, I applied to volunteer with CUSO. Although the organization accepted me as a candidate, none of the local organizations in Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia chose me for the job they had advertised. I suspect “ageism”, but who knows?

Then I was accepted to crew on a sail boat with a dream itinerary. Unfortunately, neither the boat nor the captain were sea-worthy. This reversal caused me and the other crew members major inconvenience. Not only did I spend quite a bit of money getting to Houston and then out of Houston, I also bought an entire set of diving equipment which I am still hauling around. I bought reference books for the boat which a friend will forward to me when I get back home. My bags are still heavy with sailing gear, and an extensive medical kit. Every time I move, someone has to help me with my luggage. How embarrassing, and rather costly too.

In Cuba, I got a bad virus which the doctor chalked up to stress.

Getting from Havana to Cancun (only 60 miles apart) took me over 12 hours rather than the measly one hour it should have taken.

And now that I am happy in a paradisiacal diving centre, my ears get bunged up, so I have to take anywhere from 3 to 5 days off!

At each turn, I have improvised, and tried to make the most out of the situation, but it is rather discouraging, wouldn’t you say?

There are many ways of minimizing these set-backs:
1. Realizing that they could be worse.
2. I am lucky I didn’t go out to sea with an incompetent captain.
3. There is always something else one can do, suffice to keep an open mind.
4. It is better to be stuck in paradise than in a snow bank.
5. My luck is bound to change… hopefully soon.
6. I should count my blessings rather than my difficulties.
7. Etc., etc.

And I will, but right now, I am feeling rather defeated.


Author: vjpro

I am a retired high school teacher from Canada who loves to travel, garden, bicycle, hike, sail, and cook. Since retiring, my ideal year is divided between travelling in the winter, usually solo, and spending the rest of the year in Canada with family and friends.

11 thoughts on “What do I do now?”

  1. Valerie, you inspire me. You are stronger than you know, and capable of great things; you are an amazing role model!

  2. So sorry to hear that you feel defeated…
    If I may selfishly say…It is such a joy to read you. Amongst the ”carpet sales”, ”breaking news” (never good news) and fishy emails I get…when I see one from Vjpro: I go straight to it. You are one AMAZING and STRONG person. I can’t wait to see how great things will turn out: karma dear, karma 🙂 Happy new year !

    1. Merci, Marie France. It is great to know that people enjoy reading what I write. Sometimes I think blog writing is pretentious. Who cares? But I love getting feedback. I guess it is my way of reaching out, especially when I travel.

  3. Thank you, my dear friends, for your encouragement. Maybe I am just a control freak who doesn’t like to have to change her plans! But I will. Today, I will study for the theory exam I have on Enriched Air Diving, make a dessert for supper tonight at my instructor’s place. He is. Italian, a great diver, and cook. So you see, I have picked myself up already:)

  4. Dear Valerie!
    “La liberté n’a pas de valeur si elle ne comprend pas la liberté de faire des erreurs.” (Ghandi). et ” A qui sait attendre le temps ouvre ses portes.” (Proverbe chinois).
    Je suis de tout coeur avec toi. 🙂 Marie Ginette

  5. Hi Val,
    I was sorry to read how discouraged you’ve been feeling and yet- in what seems like an instant – you seem to have picked yourself up. 👏🏻 I told Danny that although I know you as someone who might complain about things, I’ve never known you to feel sorry for yourself. And here is more proof of that!
    Love, Janet

    1. Thanks, Janet. I am letting myself go with the flow. Just tonight, I had an enjoyable evening with my dive master and his girlfriend and daughters, and friends. We had a wonderful meal together and played a game, something like Bingo called Tombola. I drank a little too much and feel fine2

  6. Well merde. Lemons/lemonaide. All those platitudes. Do enjoy the weather though. Cold here – didnt even stick my nose out the door today. Thicks socks and sweaters today.

    1. Yes, the weather is a plus. It is warm, around 32 (27 in the water). Today I think I will hang out at a hotel pool with a drink in hand.

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